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.WOIR Charter



Article 1
Name and Aims
The WORLD ORGANIZATION FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, hereinafter referred to as “WOIR", is an international organization established to promote, coordinate and develop the duties and activities of the International Relations in the whole world.

Article 2
2.1.- The Head Office of WOIR is in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and may be transferred anywhere in the world by means of an ordinary resolution adopted by the General Assembly.
2.2.- Other offices can be established in the whole world.
2.3.- Delegations can be established to the various Countries, in reason of one Delegation of WOIR for each Country.
2.4.- Special Delegations can be established to the International Organizations.

Article 3
The objectives of WOIR are:
I.- To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples;
II.- To promote the discussion and spreading of concrete ideas for the foreing operations of the Governments and for the greater entailment and understanding between Peoples;
III.- To achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion;
IV.- To entail and cooperate, for the best profit of those intentions, with States, Governments, Diplomatic Representations, Governmental Organizations and other similar organizations, governmental or non-governmental, especially with a view to encouraging the international cooperation and to promote effective measures to strengthen universal peace and international security;
V.- To promote the study and scientific deepening of International Relations and facts and problems related to International Relations;
VI.- To promote, organize and develop professional training and support to scientific works in the International Relations domain;
VII.- To promote the international congresses of WOIR and to support congresses and meetings to deepen International Relations.

Article 4
Official Languages
The official languages of WOIR are English and Spanish.

Article 5
The Members of WOIR are admitted by the General Assembly. The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members.

Article 6
The resources of WOIR include:
a) Ordinary or extraordinary contributions of members;
b) Receipts deriving from the activities and the publications edited and published by WOIR;
c) Gifts, legacies, subventions and subsidies;
d) Any other income or sources of funding.


Article 7
List of Organs
The organs of WOIR are:
a) The General Assembly;
b) The President;
d) The General Secretary;
c) The Treasurer;
e) The Delegates.


Article 8
8.1.- The General Assembly is the supreme organ of WOIR.
8.2.- It is formed by all members.

Article 9
9.1.- The General Assembly shall meet in ordinary session each year, at the date fixed by the President at least three months in advance.
9.2.- The General Assembly may be convened in an extraordinary session by the President, either on his own initiative or at the request of at least one quarter of its Members with prior notice of 30 days, in this case the Meeting must take place within 60 days.

Article 10
Quorum in attendance
10.1.- A validly constituted General Assembly requires a quorum in attendance equal to at least one third of the number of members having the right to vote, subject to the provisions under article 12.1.
10.2.- A quorum in attendance duly recorded at the beginning of a meeting, shall be valid for all purposes for the entire duration of the meeting.

Article 11
Voting rights
Each member has one vote.

Article 12
12.1.- Decisions shall be taken by a majority of votes of the members whose attendance has been acknowledged in accordance with the provisions under article 10.2, with the exception of the cases listed below where the attendance and the vote of the majority of WOIR members having the right to vote shall be required:
a) Adapt and amend the Charter;
b) Admit members;
c) Elect the President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer.
12.2.- Only votes in favour or against shall be counted in order to calculate the required majority, excluding abstentions and spoiled ballots.

Article 13
Powers of the General Assembly
The General Assembly has the following powers:
a) It takes any initiative and decision and assigns the implementation thereof to the President, the General Secretary or the Treasurer;
b) It fixes the guidelines and approves the programme of activities of WOIR;
c) It approves any amendments of the Charter;
d) It approves and emends the General Bye-Laws;
e) It admits members;
f) It elects the President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer;
g) It approves the annual report on the state and the activities of WOIR;
h) It approves the budget as well as the yearly accounts and fixes the yearly membership fee;
i) it appoints recipients of the Order of Merit;
j) it takes any decisions relating to the Charter or to the General Bye-Laws.


Article 14
Duties and Powers of the President
14.1.- The President is the Official Representative of WOIR as well as the guarantor of its unity.
14.2.- He implements the policy of WOIR in accordance with the programme of activities adopted by the General Assembly.
14.3.- The President convenes and chairs the General Assembly.
14.4.- He fulfils any other duty and carries out all the other tasks assigned to him by the Charter.


Article 15
Duties and Powers of the General Secretary
The General Secretary:
a) It manages the activities of WOIR within the framework of the relative programme adopted by the General Assembly ensuring the implementation thereof;
b) It manages ordinary business and supervises the fulfilment of tasks by the Administrative Secretariat;
c) It appoints the Delegates of WOIR in the differents Countries;
d) It approves and amends the bye-laws, other than the General Bye-Laws of WOIR
e) It fulfils all the duties and missions that the General Assembly assigns to it.


Article 16
Duties and powers of the Treasurer
16.1.- The Treasurer has as its main task that of checking the financial position of WOIR and its different organs and of expressing its opinion in relation thereto.
16.2.- It shall draft a report for the General Assembly on the accounts of the previous fiscal year and the pertinence of incurred expenses.


Article 17
Duties and powers of the Delegates
17.1.- The Delegates exercise executive duties in their respective areas of competence, by supporting the President and the General Secretary and fulfilling the tasks assigned to them by the General Secretary and/or the General Assembly, one for each Country.
17.2.- Every Delegate of WOIR is the Official Representative of the WOIR in the Country for which it has been appointed.


Article 18
18.1.- Every legislature shall last ten years.
18.2.- The year shall run from first January to thirty-first December.

Article 19
19.1.- The length of office of any person elected or chosen to hold a statutory office shall be the same as the legislature.
19.2.- The offices of the President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Delegates have a duration of one legislature.
19.3.- The President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Delegates can be reelected.


Article 20
Reference text
The English and Spanish texts of the presente Charter are equally authentic and shall remain deposited in the archives of the WOIR that will transmit duly certified copies thereof to the signatory members.

Article 21
Entry into force
This Charter enter into force from its approval.




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